And The Winner Is…

Good Morning!

Happy Monday to everyone! Over the past two weeks, we’ve been promoting the AAID Core Value of “Efficiency.” Instead of reading emails one by one, and sorting them to the right people, we’ve created the new Contact Us section of By utilizing these forms, we can sort your request and ask many of the pertinent questions up front. This allows your request to automatically be routed to the correct people/department with fewer follow-up questions needed. It’s just way more efficient than sending an email!!

Anyone who submitted a Contact Us request, versus sending an ema

il, from June 9 to June 16 was entered into a drawing for a $50 Starbucks or Dunking Giftcard!

The winner of the drawing is Cindy Landress!  Cindy works with Minton Jones company out of Norcross, Georgia.  Congratulations Cindy and THANK YOU for helping support AAID!

If you have any suggestions on ways to be more Efficient, please leave a comment! ┬áLet’s all have a great week!!!

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