Our Core Values

  1. Integrity

    • We believe that personal integrity is our foundation

      • We commit to doing the right thing
      • We commit to making products that we are proud of
      • We commit to doing what we say we will do
      • We commit to taking ownership of mistakes
  2. Customer Focus

    • We will exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers

      • We commit to being timely and accurate
      • We commit to understanding and appreciating customer needs and our ability to deliver as promised
      • We commit to owning our commitments
      • We commit to continuously improving our customers’ experiences
  3. Respect

    • We believe that each person should be treated with respect

      • We commit to listen with the intent to understand
      • We commit to valuing each person and position
      • We commit to respecting ourselves through how we act, speak, and dress
      • We commit to having a positive impact on others
  4. Teamwork

    • We believe that together we can accomplish great things

      • We commit to playing our position with excellence
      • We commit to supporting our teammates
      • We commit to knowing what others need from us to do their job
      • We commit to creating an environment where the team thrives
  5. Efficiency

    • We believe we can better serve our customers by continuously increasing efficiency

      • We commit to utilizing systems, technology, and training to increase productivity
      • We commit to challenge the status quo
      • We commit to continual creative innovation
      • We commit to identifying and eliminating waste
      • We commit  to planning and prioritizing our work
  6. Enjoy Your Work

    • We believe that we should enjoy our work

      • We commit to having a positive attitude
      • We commit to celebrating achievements
      • We commit to appreciate learning from failures