Why Name Badges Are Important!

In any business that has face to face interactions with customers, name badges are a great way to improve the customer experience!  Many of you may be like me, terrible at remembering names!  There’s nothing more awkward as a customer than saying, “and what was your name again?”  It makes me feel silly, so I usually don’t ask.  Many times, though, I wish I had!  When leaving a business review on Facebook or Google, it would be really encouraging to that team member to say, “Dave gave me great service today!”

Looking at it from the employee side, I feel great pride in myself when a customer says, “Thanks for the help today, Danny!  I’ll remember to ask for you next time.”

As small businesses, it’s the SERVICE and RELATIONSHIPS we cultivate with our customers that separate us from the Amazons, Walmarts, and Staples of the world.  As your manufacturing partner, let us help you, and your clients, build better relationships!  Our full-color name badges are a great way to professionally present your business, and yourself!  We provide proofs and samples at no charge, so just click below to get started!


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